Professional Development scholarships

The Heartland Credit Union Charitable Foundation (HCUCF) is pleased to support professional development initiatives to strengthen the human capital of credit unions in Missouri and Kansas.

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Eligibility and requirements

  1. Credit unions of asset size under $100M are eligible to apply. Preference is given to credit unions of asset size under $50M. Credit unions of asset size $50M and above are not guaranteed scholarships, and partial scholarships may be awarded, pending available funding.

  2. Scholarships cover the cost of registration only. Travel expenses are the responsibility of the credit union or employee. View a list of HCUA professional development offerings. Credit union employees may also apply to attend professional development opportunities outside of HCUA offerings.

  3. This application must be submitted to HCUCF a minimum of 30 days before the event or program you wish to attend. You may submit multiple requests on one form. You must submit one form per individual at the credit union.

  4. HCUCF staff will review applications as they are received, and may approve or deny requests based on policy set forth by the HCUCF Board of Directors.

  5. Funding is awarded based on demonstrated need, availability of funds, and the HCUCF professional development budget for each year.

  6. If the scholarship is approved, attendance is mandatory. Failure to attend the program will necessitate repayment of the scholarship to HCUCF from your credit union.

  7. After being approved for a scholarship, the credit union must pay for the registration cost and provide proof of registration and payment to the foundation.

  8. A final report must be completed within two weeks of the event, training or webinar. After proof of registration, payment and the report is submitted, the credit union will be reimbursed for the cost of registration.

Fill out all of the application sections in this fillable PDF, remembering to save it as you go. When the application is complete, please email it to Andrea Robinson, and copy Beth ([email protected]).

Professional Development Application

Reports are due within two weeks of the event, training or webinar. Find the Professional Development report.