Disaster Relief grants

We are the charitable impact arm of the Heartland Credit Union Association. As a 501c3 organization, our mission is to invest in and through credit unions to enhance their ability to serve their members and their communities.  One of our strategic priorities is to lead programs which impact the credit union movement and support the industry as a whole.

During occurrences of catastrophic natural disasters, we are prepared to provide financial support to HCUA member credit union employees and their volunteers. 

What is a "disaster"?

Our disaster relief program includes storms, fires, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods and other catastrophic natural disasters. 

Who is eligible to receive support?

  • Staff: Full or part time employees of an HCUA-affiliated credit union
  • Volunteers: Board members or other official supervisory or leadership volunteer role within an HCUA-affiliated credit union. 

If a credit union employee or volunteer is in need of IMMEDIATE financial assistance, we encourage  them to seek out additional disaster relief resources which may include:

PHASE I Emergency Disaster Relief Grants

The intent of these grants is to help stabilize the individual’s situation, so they are able to return to work.

Provided to credit union employees and volunteers to assist with immediate disaster relief needs, such as out-of-pocket costs that may result from being evacuated.

May receive up to $2,500 per credit union employee and volunteer, up to 30 days after the disaster struck.

Step One – Complete Phase I Emergency Disaster Relief Grant Application
Each employee or volunteer needing emergency assistance should complete a Phase I Emergency Disaster Relief Grant application. 

Step Two – Submit Your Grant Application
Please submit your application on Reviewr and reach out to Andrea Robinson Fuentes with any questions, [email protected], 800.392.3074, x1316.

Step Three - HCUCF Review Process
HCUCF staff will review and process grants. All grant payments will be issued through electronic transfer to the recipient’s credit union account.

Phase II Disaster Relief Grants

Intended to assist credit union employees and volunteers with significant needs.

HCUCF will contact the CEOs of Phase I grant recipients beginning 90 days after disaster has struck. Grants could be distributed sooner if insurance claims have been received prior.

May receive  up to $5,000, but individual grant amounts will be dependent on the total disaster relief funds available.

Step One – Apply for Phase II Disaster Relief Grant
After credit union employees or volunteers have fully assessed their damages and out-of-pocket expenses, they may apply for a Phase II Disaster Relief Grant. These grants will assist with unfulfilled disaster needs after other resources such as insurance, FEMA, and other sources have been fully utilized. Applicants must submit a Phase II Disaster Relief Grant application signed and dated by the credit union CEO/Manager. Applicants need to provide as much detail as possible during Phase II.

Step Two - HCUCF Review Process
Phase II grant requests will be reviewed and approved by the HCUCF Impact Committee. Notification will be made directly to the employee, with copies to the credit union CEO/Manager.

Contributions Made to Disaster Funds

Contributions To Heartland Credit Union Charitable Foundation

Contributions to support the disaster relief fund are welcome and appreciated by those affected by the respective disaster. Donations made to HCUCF may be earmarked for disaster relief and are considered restricted dollars and will only be used to fund needs related to disasters both regionally and nationally.

Once Phase I and Phase II emergency grants have been assessed and awarded, any unused monies in the disaster relief fund will be saved for future disaster occurrences.

Contributions To CUAid
Donations made through cuaid.coop are managed and distributed by the National Credit Union Foundation and make an impact nationwide during disasters.