Credit union helps refugees learn about American financial system

Published 12.8.2021


Three men and two women are smiling as they hold a large check for $1000 made out to the International Rescue Committee

Credit Union of America staff presents a check to the International Rescue Committee


Credit Union of America (CUA) (Wichita, KS) is partnering with the International Rescue Committee (IRC) to teach refugees about the American financial system and budgeting. With support from a financial wellness grant, staff from the credit union have worked closely with refugees to help build a foundation for a strong financial future.  

“Working with the Foundation to double our donation to the International Rescue Committee was an easy way to make a greater impact. These funds, our expertise, shared resources, and passions, have allowed IRC to build a financial literacy program for the refugees they work with. Their mission to make clients financially independent through financial education is one we gladly partnered with to impact Wichita families and our community." - Nate Reisig, CUA

Partnering with nonprofits is one way to create an impact in your community. Your partners can add to your expertise and resources, as well as connect you with new communities. Often, nonprofits serve those who may be marginalized or underserved in your area. As we work toward financial health for all, please consider applying for a financial wellness grant.