Financial wellness for all

Published 9.29.22

The HCUCF Financial Wellness Task Force has been meeting monthly since May and the amount of collaboration has been even better than we hoped for. Their passion and dedication to the purpose of credit unions and mission of financial wellness for all is inspiring. 

Each month the task force has had a different topic of research and discussion to determine the financial wellness needs in our region, resources and strategies to address them, barriers to doing the work, and breaking down what needs to be done to reach their goals. Phase one of what the task force plans to take on is financial wellness resources for credit union staff. 

“We cannot help our members get to a healthy place if the staff serving them needs to get there first,” shares Beth Falkenstein, Industry and Community Impact Manager at HCUA and the staff lead for the HCUCF Financial Wellness Task Force.  “Those in helping professions often find it difficult to focus on meeting their own needs. However, statistics show that our staffs are financially coping and vulnerable at the same rates as those we serve. We are working to provide resources and training for credit unions to offer your staff to invest in their financial wellness.”  Read more in the National Credit Union Foundation's (NCUF) article highlighting our task force